Year: 2017

First preview of new Page album (vinyl/CD): ‘Det är ingen vacker värld men det råkar vara så det ser ut’ – get yours here

The all new Page album will hit the shop shelves this July. “Det är ingen vacker värld men det råkar vara så det ser ut” (yes, the title is not the shortest one) literally means “It’s no beautiful world but it seems to be what it looks like” and is the first album since 2013’s “Hemma”. The CD version contains 4 additional tracks compared to the vinyl version, the bonus tracks being: “Paus”, “Spår”, “Så skönt att va här”, “Känn det här” and “I know you know”. The band plans to play in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 2, 2017 during the Electronic Summer fest with further concerts being planned in Malmö and Stockholm after the Summer. You can order both versions right here, the vinyl version being a limited run one. The Swedish synth-pop band was founded in 1980 by Eddie Bengtsson, Anders Eliasson and Marina Schiptjenko. The band was disbanded in 2000 and the members at that time were Eddie Bengtsson, Mikael Thornqvist & John Liljestrand. Eddie then reunited with Marina in 2010. Here’s a preview of the album.

New single from Sweden’s Moonlight Cove – listen right here

And we have some more news from up north after the earlier Electro Spectre news. The Swedish synthpopers Moonlight Cove have released a new track today: “For I Am You”. You might remember the band from their 2 albums (released in 2008 and 2012) which were nominated for “Best Synth” at the “Manifest Awards” in Sweden. The Stockholm/Gothenburg based act started in 1994 and is the common project of the trio Markus Landgren, Mattias Löfroth and Marcus Karlsson. The long delay in releasing material is related to what all of us 70s guys have to go through: “Since we all have big families nowadays, we have been focusing on releasing a single track here and there. But we still love synthezisers ;-)”. You can check out the band’s newest single below.

Electro Spectre releases ‘Been Too Long’ EP and remix bundle

  (By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange) ‘Been Too Long’, the new EP and remix bundle from the Norwegian electro synth-poppers Electro Spectre, was released on various platforms last week. The EP contains the four new tracks ‘Little Wonder’, ‘Been Too Long’, ‘The Colour Of Your Love’ and ‘The Secret Path’. Also included is various remixes of the singles ‘Been Too Long’ and ‘Little Wonder’. The new songs will thrive in your car speakers or at the beach this summer, and the dub/club remixes keeps the tempo up for the party evenings. Producer Isak Rypdal adds: The EP will also be released as a Limitied Edition Collector CD too, and the music video for ‘Been Too Long’ is in production now, so check our Facebook page in a few days for its release. I also have another update; our bestselling album ‘Bullets & Desert Blooms’ are at the moment unavailable, but the ownership are being renegotiated back to the bands own label, Crab Key Records, and it’ll be re-released as a remastered deluxe edition during August. Get the EP at iTunes or listen at Spotify:  

Centhron – Biest

I’m not the type of person who likes tormenting his favorite bands, but sometimes it is necessary – especially if the band recorded five good longplays and after them comes.. This. 

‘Click Interview’ with Dive: ‘My Wish Is To Continue Another 3 Years And Celebrate 30 Years Of Dive On Stage’

It’s now 27 years ago that Dirk Ivens (the legendary singer of The Klinik) took the world by surprise unleashing the self-titled debut album “DIVE”. The sound revealed a heavy, industrial and unpolished production mixed with  charismatic vocals. This work was the debut of a successful career featuring numerous great albums and essential songs. The music remained dark and industrial, but still featuring electronic treatments. But after the “Behind The Sun”-album (2004) the fans had to wait for 13 years to get new studio material. “Underneath” has been released on Out Of Line and is featuring good-old guest contributor Ivan Iusco (Nightmare Lodge and owner of Minus Habens Records) and Rafael M. Espinosa (Geistform) who already collaborated on “Behind The Sun”. You can order the latest Dive releases right here on vinyl. (by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Did you ever thought to come back with a new Dive-album and what was the ‘click’ to start working again on new stuff? Dirk: . After the definitive chapter to stop The Klinik from my side and the decision to take a long break with Absolute Body Control after the intensive touring, I suddenly realized I had all the time of the world […]

Sun Of The Sleepless finally readies up debut album “To the elements” – out as a 2CD and various vinyl formats – listen to the first track!

The black metal act Sun Of The Sleepless is the solo project of Schwadorf (aka Markus Stock), the mastermind behind Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. Despite its formation in 1998, “To the Elements” is Sun Of The Sleepless’ full-length debut, following its split EP with Nachtmahr (2004), the band’s debut EP “Poems to the Wretches Hearts” (1999) and the 7″ “Tausend Kalte Winter” released in 2000, which featured a trip hop take on the Darkthrone classic “En As I Dype Skogen.” Now, 13 years later, Sun Of The Sleepless offers an album of brand new material. Note that the album will be out as a 2CD boxset (with 3 extra bonus tracks) and as a vinyl album, all available here. At the same time as Sun Of The Sleepless’ first full-length album, the vinyl compilation “Shadows Of The Past” will be released on black and strictly limited gold vinyl – and available now for ordering. “Shadows Of The Past” features all Sun Of The Sleepless recordings from the period 1998-2004 – “Poems To The Wretches Hearts” (1999), “Tausend Kalte Winter” (2000) as well as the tracks of the split EP with Nachtmahr (2004) – which have been remastered especially for […]

Glerakur debuts with ‘The Mountains Are Beautiful Now’ – out as 2CD hardcover book and coloured vinyl

GlerAkur is the moniker Icelandic composer and sound designer Elvar Geir Sævarsson who is also active as a sound engineer at the National Theater of Iceland. Icelandic for ‘Glass Field’, GlerAkur draws inspiration from post rock, drone and ambient music, as well as black and doom metal. “The Mountains Are Beautiful Now” is the debut full-length from GlerAkur, following the release of 2016’s introductory EP, “Can’t You Wait”, which was nominated for an Icelandic Kraumur Award, chosen by the country’s top journalists and radio hosts and bestowed annually to the best albums released in Iceland (see Björk, Sigur Rós). Written for and inspired by The National Theatre of Iceland’s 2015 production of the play “Fjalla-Eyvindur & Halla” by Jóhann Sigurjónsson, “The Mountains Are Beautiful Now” was recorded with four guitarists, two drummers and a bassist in the basement bar at the Theatre. The album itself will see various format releases including vinyl and CD which can all be ordered right here. The 5 bonus tracks on the 2CD hardcover book version of the album are “Arnes Lost”, “Polycide II”, “Willocide II”, “Strings (Theatre version)” and “Fuglamál”. Below is the video for “Can’t You Wait” which is featured in an album […]

3rd album for Neun Welten ‘The sea I’m diving in’ to finally land in August as a 2CD digibook release

“The Sea I’m Diving In” is the third full-length release of the German dark folk collective Neun Welten. This is the first album with new material since 2009’s “Destrunken” and has already been announced in 2011… in other words, they really took their time to complete this release. It’s also the first-ever Neun Welten record to include English lyrics with some adapted from the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. “The Sea I’m Diving In” also features Niko Knappe, singer of Neun Welten labelmates Dark Suns, who plays all drums on the album, co-arranged a number of songs and wrote additional lyrics. The 2nd CD of the 2CD set includes the following tracks: “Spellbound”, “Old Home” and “The Dying Swan”. You can order this 2CD set right now from this mail-order. The current line-up of the band is Anja Hövelmann (recorder, clarinet), Aline Deinert (violin, piano), David Zaubitzer (acoustic guitar, cello), Marten Winter (drums, percussion) and Meinolf Müller (acoustic guitar, jaw harp).

Queer artists united on ‘The Closet Tapes’ including Gaytron

Out via the Rotterdam based label Electronic Emergencies is the Various Queer Artists compilation “The Closet Tapes”. Out on 2xLP / digital / cassette, the compilation is basically the follow-up to the “The Lost Tapes”, “The Found Tapes” and “The Hidden Tapes” also released via Electronic Emergencies. “The Closet Tapes” is a compilation of queer electronic music compiled by Spacemaker and Leather E. Included is also Gaytron, the project by Plastic Noise Experience’s Claus Kruse, who informed us about this release in the first place. The Closet Tapes is released on pink double vinyl in an edition of 500 hand-numbered copies and in a special, very limited edition on pink cassette (50 copies) including alternative bonus versions of three of the tracks. Here’s the total tracklisting: A1. Bézier (US, Honey Soundsystem) – Anathema A2. Andy Butler (US, Hercules & Love Affair) – Vlaamsekat! A3. Adriano Canzian (IT) – Kiss Me So More B1. Hard Ton (IT) ft. Posminonova (CRO) – Dark Star Crashes B2. Eddy De Clercq (NL) & Friends – Sea Sex & Sun (Laurent & Lewis Electro Club Remix) C1. This Cold Night (US) – Gay Goth Dance Machine C2. Jean Petitjean (NL) – Doom Alarm (Rude 66 Edit) […]

Side-Line introduces Soundspade – listen now to ‘A Pocket Full Of (KIC Shanghai Version)’ (Face The Beat profile series)

The 72nd track on our free download compilation “Face The Beat: Session 4” (featuring 92 tracks) is by the Shanghai based electronic project Soundspade which is actually USA born Benjamin Bacon which many of you will remember as co-founder of that great industrial act Dies Irae ! US which we regularly featured in our Side-Line news in the late nineties. In the late 1990’s Jonathan Ford (Dissociate) and Ben left Dies Irae ! US and formed the electro-industrial duo Animadversion. In the early 2000’s Bacon went on to form the band Blindworks and DJ’d throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s at various venues in North America, Europe and Asia. He is the co-founder of Dogma Lab, a cross-disciplinary media and design consultancy based in Shanghai where he also designs and produces his own line of musical instruments and synthesizers under the brand Dogma E-sound. He was also a professor of Computational and Media Design at the Parsons School of Design and has held professorships at several top ranked international universities. Bacon has remained active in the music scene and is the co-creator and resident DJ for Black Eyeliner and the founder and resident musician for Voltage Divider, a series of live […]

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