The Flowers Of Romance – Pleasure And The Pain

FORThe Flowers Of Romance were one of the bands that refreshed the greek gothic scene in the 90's without doubt. From their first LP "Dorian Grey" in 1990 to their last "Brilliant Mistakes" in 1997 (produced by The Mission's leader, Wayne Hussey) the singer Mike Pougounas and his company did nothing but composing gothic music of high quality. "Pleasure And The Pain" is their third LP (and their last in Wipe Out Records) and, in my opinion, their best ever work.


The album begins with "Love Commandos", a Flowers classic with that characteristic riff. Then follows the "Ocean Floor", an uptempo track which makes you want to stand up and start dancing all around. The third track is called "Gerda & Kay", the least good track of the album. Then, the titled track of the album. "Pleasure And The Pain", a track which was also released as a promo 7" single (along with "Winter Waltz" as side b). The first side ends. What could be waiting in the second? Nothing but "Who's Playng Jesus?", a haunting song which is never going to stop amusing the listener. Next in line is "Chrysalis", and the musical and emotional euphoria goes on! "The Royal Hunt Of The Sun", is a song that shows the Flowers' lyricism in all its greatness, a song that demands your full attention to listen if you want to fell a great emotion. With no doubt my album's favourite. And then, the album closes with "Winter Waltz". The winter rain begins and Mike Pougounas sings with passion some of his best lyrics. So, this was it. An album made by a greek gothic band that has nothing to envy from any foreign acts. So, if you have luck and find "Pleasure And The Pain" in a second hand record store, don't be afraid. Grab it immediately, and give yourself 40 of the most emotional minutes.